Time Pass sms

Due to mtn faulty network high
jackers took Advantage so i say
Good news to all facebook users
mtn users u can now send free
sms 2 to all networks free without
any airtime yeap 0.0naira i said all
networks all MTN, ETISALAT, GLO &
Steps Create a new Message SMS
Type messages no matter how
long it is
Now to send it to any network
free simply add + to the starting
of the number i.e 07068832207
add + to it +07068832207 it's
free kip sending free msgs
Try it now wif 0.0naira free works
only on MTN

Bye2x !
Going 2 bislig :-) [Via SMART SMS]

Envie SMS Gratis con esta aplicacion
Usenla para que ahorren dinero. No hace falta ser cliente.

hai apa kabar sahabat boneka,maaf yah belum sempet masuk"kin foto, karna harus mengirim boneka, terus menerus setiap hari nyaa
bisa pesen juga loh ?
apa yang kamu ingin kan bisa kami penuhi :D
cuma di Boneka indra kualitas oke"
Who wanna join me for lunch???

Zindagi...mtlb kya..?
"1 innova car, 7 dost, aur 1 khula lamba pahadi Raasta"
Zindagi...mtlb kya.?
"1 dost ka ghar, Halki si Baarish, aur dher saari baatein..:)
Zindagi...mtlb kya..?
"school ke dost, Bunk Kiya hua
Lecture, 1 kachori, 2 samose aur bill par hone wala jhagda... :p
Zindagi...mtlb kya...?
"Phone uthate hi pdhne wali dost ki mithi se gaali, aur Sorry kehne par 1 aur gaali" :p
Zindagi...mtlb kya..?
"Kuch saalon baad, Aachanak purane dost ka 1 sms, Dhundli padi kuch bhigiyadein aur Ankho me aaye aansu. :'(
We make many friends,

Some become Dearest,

Some become Special,

Some We Fall in Love with,

Some go Abroad,

Some change their cities,

Some Leave us

We Leave some,

Some are in contact,

Some are not in contact

N Some don't contact

because of their ego,

We don't contact some

because of our ego,

Wherever they are,

However they are,

We still remember,
N Care

about them because of the part they played,


Send this
to all your friends

no matter how often you talk or how close you are

Let old friends know you haven't forgotten them

& tell new friends you will never forget them

Cheers To friendship:) :)

He dnt tak mi cals,he dnt rspnd mi sms. Mxm Lilly ithoballe. Mi frnds gud nyte ke a lo rata neh.

It is tested and confirmed with 0.0kobo! Even if you have credit, MTN will not deduct your Credit!

Note:- You can Send Free SMS to any Network using this Trick...seedorf cares

kini hadir di hadapan anda toko ELECTRONIK yang mengeluarkan harga PROMO, kwalitas barang yang di jual asli seperti. -BLACKBERRY -LAPTOP -E7 -X6 -IPAD2 -IPHONE -KAMERA NICON -SAMSUNG . di jamin kwaltas asli (ORI) bergaransi resmi selama 2 thun dan untuk promo bulan ini beli dua di bayar cash dapat bonus satu. cara pemesanan call/sms:0853-9751-2227

Alejandro Rivero

Hw to send free sms 2 any network ,328BB020

My inbox vibrates, n behold, it reads.. "Congratulations, You have won Ksh 500 airtime in Tetemesha Na Safaricom Promotion. To check balance, SMS Bal to 144.Over Ksh 500 Million in prizes to be won!" But being a human being I am, still wishing they could add three zeros then inbox my Mpesa line!

Empezams odiandonos y ahra mirans!!! Sms las mejores amgas!!! Apesar d la distancia siemp sta la una para la otra!!! N me equivoke en elegrte cm mi mejor amiga!!! Tkm<3 data-blogger-escaped-br="">


Vote lumah register vefa othee kon dhaairaa eh gai tho belumah:↙ VIS NIDno SMS to 1414 Example:↙ VIS A123456 ✉ to 1414

533 km w 15h. Uwielbiam dostawańá takie sms-y! [M]

Hey folks,
If you're using WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, iMessage, or any other messaging service, Google's new "Hangouts" may just be the best yet. I've been using it as a standalone app for the past few days since its release, and it's pretty awesome. Here's why it may just be the new standard:
1. Multi-platform: Android, iOS, and computer desktop via web Chrome extension. (iMessage is only iOS and Mac)
2. Doesn't rely on another service. Ex: Facebook's Messenger requires you to have Facebook. With Hangouts, you don't need Facebook. Just a Google account.
3. Allows GROUP Video chat across devices and platforms, Mac OS X, and Windows, or any desktop web browser. (WhatsApp doesn't).
4. Keeps history "forever" of your conversations, until you delete them. It's not device dependent (like WhatsApp).
5. You can video chat on 3G or 4G--not limited to just WiFi!

Downside: no SMS integration.....YET. But it's coming.

That awkward moment when another comic approaches you to say: my 1000 dixlesic fans typed your code 1230 by mistake thinking they were voting me... and say can we share in the glory in case you win? Lol. Goodnytini. #CCA2013#To Vote for the Jazzy One asseblief SMS 1230 to 38374. 1.50... one number limited to 20 votes. Touch... tu.


Goodnews to all MTN users!!! You can now send free sms to all networks in Nigeria using below Trick.
After typing your message, whenever you want to put receipient’s phone number, just start the number with plus, e.g +08031549645.

It is tested and confirmed with 0.0kobo! Even if you have credit, MTN will not deduct your Credit!

Note:- You can Send Free SMS to any Network using this Trick.

Enjoy While It Last.

Why in the world can't SMS text message be a full string of 255 characters instead of a wimpy 160?

Good night everybody! Sleep well with sweet dreams
Do not forget: We can sleep late tomorrow. Except when the sun is shining;)
See you tomorrow ...

ok.gracias a las personas ke c perkataron del sms.....x hoy les mando una miradita.....mas

SMS the keyword 'BOLOI' and stand a chance to win a ticket to Bobonong

Does anybody wants a nice kitten in Islamabad or Pindi? Please sms me on this number 0345-400-0611, they are free and they are very affectionate and active, and well accustomed to being handled by ourselves and my children so would make good house-pets.


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